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Friday, September 13, 2013

Senior Scams Exposed and Professional Advice Offered

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Seniors are often targeted because they have resources, strong credit ratings, live alone and are generally too trusting. Types of scams discussed on Senior Agenda included the grandparent scam, the contractor scam, identity theft, sweepstakes scams, tax scams, money transfer scams and more. The panel of professionals included a representative from the Ohio Attorney General's Office and two detectives from the Columbus City Police Department.  They were able to provide a wide array of advice both in terms of how to avoid the scams and also what to do if you suspect you might be a target or victim.  

Listen to Senior Agenda - Scams against Seniors here.  To learn more about scams against seniors in general visit this Federal Bureau of Investigation website.

Members of the community including neighbors, church members and especially bank tellers were encouraged to get involved and report suspected scams against seniors to the authorities.  Seniors were encouraged to take action the minute they suspect something is amiss.  Call your local police department for more information and advice. Columbus City Police Department Detective Jacqueline Fofana directed residents of Columbus to call 614-645-2045.  

We are reminded of the familiar adage, "If it sounds to good to be true, it is."