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Monday, September 9, 2013

Larry Swilling Doesn't Need to Beg for a Kidney for his Wife Anymore

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This was our report in July:

Larry and Jimmie Sue Swilling of Anderson, South Carolina are hoping for a miracle and you can help. Jimmie Sue needs a kidney soon. We were able to speak with Larry on the air on 7/18/2013 and he reports that his wife is getting weaker and weaker.  They are looking for a healthy individual with a kidney to spare and type 0 + blood type.  Larry continues to work nine hour shifts in order to keep their medical insurance in place and to cover the more than $4000 in monthly medication cost. The operation for the donor will be covered by their insurance.  

We are committed to following this story until a donor is found and a donation is made.  Look at older posts to learn more about this family and facts about making a living donation.  Follow the link below to hear the most recent interview with Larry and learn how to get tested locally. Let's work together to keep love alive.  

Listen to the complete interview with Larry on Senior Agenda.

This is our report today: 

A donor has been found.  A match has been made.  Jimmie Sue Swilling is about to receive a new kidney.  I just got off the phone with Larry and the surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday - September 11, 2013.  The family is already in Charleston at the Medical Center and we will report more when we know it.  

Don't ever underestimate the power of prayer and faith.  We serve a mighty God and now we are asking you all to pray for yet another miracle.  Please pray that all goes well on Wednesday.