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Friday, July 19, 2013

Son - You Just Got Served by a Baby Boomer

06.27.11-Blatent-Age-Discrimination-You-Be-the-Judge.jpg (659×1000)

To the young blood silly enough to claim that seniors do not experience discrimination and then to imply that most seniors are not worthy of employment in a recent facebook exchange on a page that regularly shares post from our blog, a senior I know and love had this to say:

Hey Tyler hope you are having a great day.  I just read your post on seniors.  I am 66 years old.  I have 20/20 vision and a strong mind and body.  The State of Ohio permits me to still drive my auto.  I work more hours than most 20 year old's, pay my bills, run all my household, and do all my yard work, plus all the other work life hands me.  I believe I have forgotten more than you have YET to learn child.  Before you start putting down other people you need to remember what you feel like when people do it to you.  If you are blessed long enough some day you will be 66 as well.  I can tell you WHAT AMERICA IS COMING TO. We are still the greatest nation on God's good earth and I pray your generation will KEEP it that way.  But with the ignorant discrimination YOU portray in this statement, I now know I must pray for the youth of our country more than I have.  Oh yes!  If you are not a "random punk being an ass," you really must quit talking like one.  Blessings to you little one, you will grow into more wisdom, knowledge and understanding as the YEARS go by.

This commentary comes to us courtesy of Izetta Torina - the senior shown here holding her grandson and loving life.   She was recently interviewed on Senior Agenda for one of our Slow Down, Listen
and Learn segments.  Follow the link below to hear that program.