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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Assisted Living Memory Care Professionals are the Unsung Heroes in Healthcare Today

It's a Family Affair - Assisted Living Communities Work to Confront Dementia

Senior Agenda features three assisted living professionals as they discuss the rewards and challenges of their chosen professions.  In my opinion, memory care professionals and staff are the under-celebrated heroes in senior healthcare today.  Assisted living communities continue to present an attractive alternative to extended nursing home stays or living at home when safety and wellness are at risk.  Alzheimer's and dementia residents require medical care, monitoring, dinning experiences, activities, and stimulation that work within the framework of their unique disease processes.  The folks who sign up to make all of this happen deserve recognition and support.

Of course, we all understand that not all assisted living communities offer the same caliber of care.  We encourage everyone to educate yourselves so that you know what questions to ask when you tour these facilities.  Don't forget to ask to see a copy of their most recent inspection.  According to the Ohio Department of Health:

The Ohio Department of Health's Bureau of Long Term Care Quality is responsible for enforcement of the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code laws and rules in about 533 licensed residential care facilities in Ohio.  Each of these facilities receives at least one unannounced survey (inspection) during a 9 to 15 month cycle.  During these inspections, all aspects of care and services are evaluated based on state laws and rules.  Each facility is required to display a copy of the most recent survey.