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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mother & Daughter Journey Unfolds Tomorrow on Senior Agenda

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Rosemary Barkes, long time Grove City resident, earned her Master's degree when she was 59-years old, but that is small potatoes compared to her accomplishment this year.   This year, at age 75, she gives us her first book - The Dementia Dance.  Rosemary will be interviewed on Senior Agenda tomorrow morning at 10:00.  A complete review of the book and interview will be available shortly.

In the meantime, please consider listening tomorrow.  We have an important message to share with real life advice and direction from a remarkable woman who stood with her mother in the dementia dance till the very end.  They say experience is the best teacher and Rosemary has experienced the journey that many more of us will face in the coming days.  We will get to the heart of the matter including a discussion of the pros and cons of memory care and the trials and tribulations of dementia.  We will also be discussing how to find joy in the journey.