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Friday, July 5, 2013

Private Moments Shared Deliver Hope...from romance to grief and loss.

Podcast for interview (6/27/13) with Pastor Izetta Torina is now available.  Click on link above to Listen to Senior Agenda and review.  We are delighted to have received so much positive feedback where this interview is concerned.  Pastor Torina offers inspiration and encouragement as she shares some of her life lessons in regard to romance, marriage, and even grief and loss.  Since the interview initially aired just nine days ago we have heard from women in abusive relationships, folks working through the loss of a loved one and even some folks struggling with depression who have written to say this program offered them hope.  Pastor Torina is a remarkable woman with profound insights.  She was chosen as our very fist Slow Down, Listen, and Learn guest because she as been so influential in my own life.  She is my very own mother.