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Friday, August 30, 2013

National Grandparents Day Writing Contest

Forget Me Not Flower 11
The Forget Me Not Flower is the official flower for National Grandparents Day in the United States.  
As you know, we celebrate seniors and we take every opportunity to encourage our followers and listeners to do the same.  So in honor of National Grandparents Day we are sponsoring a "Why I Love My Grandparents" writing contest.  Take a moment to write a paragraph about what makes one of your grandparents so special or memorable and post it on the blog.  The deadline for submission is September 7th and the winner will be announced on Grandparents Day - Sept 8th.  The 1st place winner will win a $75 Visa gift card and an invitation to be a guest on Senior Agenda.  2nd place will win a $50 Visa gift card and 3rd place will win a $25 Visa gift card. If physically coming to the studio presents a challenge due to geography or job or school commitments, we can always arrange a phone interview.  Submissions will be judged based on content and sincerity.  Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of age.  


There seems to be disagreement about the origin of National Grandparents Day but regardless it was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1978.  A proclamation on September 6th, 1979 made the day official and it was designated the first Sunday in September following Labor Day.  

Possible origins include:

  • Some folks say it was first proposed by Michael Goldgar in the 1970's.  Goldgar spent $11,000 of his own money in lobbying efforts that included 17 trips to Washington DC over a seven-year span to meet with law makers to advocate for the day.

  • Others say it was Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade, a homemaker in West Virginia, who pushed the day to observance.  She worked relentlessly in the 1970's to educate people about the contributions of seniors and she urged people to adopt a grandparent.  
Grandparents play a unique role in the lives of their grandchildren. They generally represent stability in the face of hardship or change. They are instrumental in handing down habits of the heart and faith. They work as watchdogs and advocates.  They warm our hearts and spoil our souls.    

"Every time a child is born, a grandparent is born too."  

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