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Sunday, August 18, 2013

15 Years after Retirement Senior Activist Refuses to Sit Down or Be Quiet

Senior activist, author, talk show host  - S. Yolanda Robinson. 

Yolanda embodies an old school work ethic and commitment that push us to talk about and be about progressive changes that fly directly in the face of the good ole' boy's network.  Those who mistaken her energetic giggle for silliness or her patient persistence for weakness will surely be in for a rude awakening.  She is a senior activist and a proud woman of faith who has already been instrumental in helping to fuel the civil rights and women's movement.  

But she's not done yet. Since she retired in 1998, she has continued her work as an activist, written a book and is now the host of a radio talk show called All in Our Family heard on on Saturdays and Tuesdays. 

During our recent interview, Yolanda recalled her employment at The Ohio State University where she worked relentlessly to raise awareness and effect change around issues of pay equality, child care benefits and family leave for women.  Her work landed her an appearance on The Today Show in the mid 1980's.  

In 2011 her first book - There's Magic in the Blackberry Patch was published.  Learn more about "There's Magic in the Blackberry Patch" here.  The book is a children's historical fiction based on Poindexter Village, one of the first low-income housing projects in the nation, which is currently being torn down in Columbus Ohio.   Learn more about Poindexter Village here.  Yolanda  interviewed numerous long term residents of Poindexter Village before writing There's Magic in the Blackberry Patch which reminds us of the importance of community and service learning.  

Today Yolanda is the host of All in Our Family which is a talk show that covers family issues, problems and dynamics with an emphasis on solution.  Listen to All In Our Family here.   When Yolanda believed that her own family was losing cohesiveness, part of her solution was to begin producing a family newsletter.  

We owe Yolanda a special thank you for her part in helping to make Senior Agenda a reality.  She was and continues to be a great source of encouragement and support for our work on behalf of seniors.  

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