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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I am 97 and Homeless.

I am 97 and homeless.  What are you going to do about?  You could ease your conscience by patting me on the shoulder and offering a sympathetic smile.  People are generally afraid to touch the homeless so that would feel good for the moment.  Or you could offer me a a few dollars so that I can ease my hunger.  That will make my day a little more bearable.   Or you could think to yourself how sad it makes you to see me. Or even mention my predicament to a friend before your conversation turns to more relevant chatter. That will help raise awareness.   But none of it changes the fact that I am 97 and homeless.  I will be 97 and homeless tomorrow - unless of course I am 98 and homeless or dead.

The video below hones in on statistics that correlate closely to percentages in our own Athens County here in the State of Ohio which according to the most recent data available (20007-2011 American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau) is currently experiencing poverty rates at 31.5% compared to the state average of 14.8%.  Experts agree homelessness among seniors is on the rise and you only need to open your eyes to see that homelessness among the elderly is a problem right here in Franklin County which is also experiencing poverty rates (17.4%) above the state average.  

At the time I discovered this important clip on You Tube it had been viewed a whopping 147 times.  Let's work together to change that.  I am not an expert on homelessness but we will be researching this topic in the coming days and we will continue to post in an attempt to help raise awareness.

In the meantime, please consider joining the Senior Agenda team as a volunteer for the 2013  Good Neighbors Picnic which provides a free meal and winter clothing and more to the homeless of central Ohio. Learn more about the Good Neighbors Picnic 2013.  Please email us at if you are interested in being a part of our team of volunteers for this year's event scheduled for Saturday, September 28 in Columbus Ohio.  We will provide Senior Agenda T-shirts and a free dinner to anyone who signs up to be a part of our team.