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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Senior Advocate Nominated for International Women's Day Recognition - Vote Here

As you know, we are serious about making the world a better place for seniors.  We work hard to raise awareness, educate, expose injustices and issue calls to actions in an effort to rally community support for seniors and issues that matter to seniors. That being said, I am personally honored to be nominated/recognized for my work via Senior Agenda and this blog for an International Women's Day (Ohio) Award in the category of community action.  My advocacy work for seniors is an extension of my life-long commitment to improve the lives of women.

Here are just some of the goals that we are actively working towards:   
  • To stop elder abuse, exploitation and neglect.  
  • To provide better healthcare and housing options for seniors.
  • To raise awareness and demand a cure for dementia and Alzheimer's. 
  • To honor and protect the elderly. 
  • To celebrate aging instead of practicing ageism.  
  • To stop scams against seniors and to catch and punish those who prey on seniors. 
  • To understand the aging process. 
  • To refuse to allow seniors to live in poverty or be homeless.  
  • To listen to seniors and allow their voices to be heard.  
  • To stop Medicare and Medicaid fraud. 
  • To protect pensions, retirements funds and Social Security.  
  • To make Medicare more transparent.  
  • To ensure that seniors get the same aggressive healthcare treatment as their younger counter-parts.   
  • To focus on wellness and help to raise awareness.  
  • To feature like-minded organizations and agencies in our community.  
  • To contribute in community building and to help get our seniors involved in those efforts.  
International Women's Day has a long and rich tradition of celebrating women around the world. Thousands of events will be held across the globe to inspire, celebrate and honor the economic, political and social achievements of women everywhere.  Ohio women are sharing in this year's 103rd celebration on March 8, 2014 through an event sponsored by Purpose for Women International at Monaco's Palace from 10 am -6 pm in Columbus, Ohio.  Visit their website to learn more and purchase tickets. 

The International Women's Day Recognition Awards Dinners will be held on March 5th from 6-8:30 pm at Monaco's Palace.  Keynotes speakers will include Rowena Gonzales-Siglos and Valerie Douglas.