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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Girlfriend Chatter about Everything from Politics to Sex - this week on Senior Agenda

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This week (February 20th -2014) on Senior Agenda we will be engaging in an open forum with three beautiful, active, accomplished senior women - all in their 70's or better - and all supporters of our efforts to promote and protect seniors.  We won't actually be asking their ages because everyone knows a lady never tells.  But we can and will be asking about everything else from technology to politics to sex.  This is your opportunity to call in with questions at 1-877-932-9766.

We published a post recently called Wrinkles are Meaningless in the Face of Female Beauty  where I argued that senior women transcend traditional concepts of beauty.  One of this week's guests responded via email to that article in the following way:

Lisa, Dear Heart, 

I will voice my opinion on older folks and beauty.  Skin droops, eyes fail, knees buckle, hair even falls out for some, liver spots spring out of nowhere and teeth yellow.  Is that a pretty picture?  No, but true.  So...for you who are so young, keeping up physically and mentally is time-consuming and expensive for the rest of us.  God knows many of us hang in there and try to combat the inevitable. One of my ploys is to tell myself that I am here on earth FOREVER;  hence, no time to say, "No sense of going through that face lift (or knee surgery) because I might be around that much longer."  How's that, Girlfriend?

However, please continue to cheer for us.  I do see us older folks as role models for younger folks like you, so I cheer us on whenever I can. See you February 20, 2014.

Love to you, Lisa.

I have seldom been rebuked with so much love and sincerity.  Tune in this week to learn which of the three wrote the response above.  Our guests will be Melba Hompertz, Rosemary Barkes, and Susan Brunner.