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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Multiple Personalities of "Arthur Arthritis" and What Can Be Done

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According to Morgan Patten, Program Manger for the Arthritis Foundation of Central Ohio, Arthur has over 100 personalities (including osteoarthritis and more) but there is hope for each and every one of them.  Morgan appeared on Senior Agenda on October 3rd to discuss the various types of arthritides, treatment remedies, and prevention. This edition of Senior Agenda will be a tremendous resource to anyone struggling with arthritis.  Listen here.  Morgan stressed the fact that arthritis is not inevitable as we age and also that it can be managed through life-style choices and medication.

Morgan will be teaching a four-part workshop called "Breaking the Pain Chain" starting on October 24th from 10- noon at the Arthritis Foundation located at 3740 Ridge Mill Drive in Hilliard.  The workshop is an interactive educational series designed to teach folks how to break the cycle of pain caused by arthritis.  The workshop is free but registration is required.  Contact Chris Parsons at 614-503-5589 or to register.  The deadline for registration is October 17th.

To learn more visit the National Arthritis Foundation or listen to Senior Agenda.