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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Telehealth & Home Safety Equipment to Make Aging at Home Possible

Your best opportunity to stay home safety is to receive the extra support and care you deserve. Telehealth and home safety equipment make it possible for seniors to remain at home with increased confidence and peace of mind.  

Telehealth is a way of delivering health care remotely by means of telecommunications.  It includes a wide variety of technologies to deliver virtual medicine and health care.  The types of technologies utilized include live video, secure electronic communications, remote patient monitoring and communication supported by mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops.  Telehealth is not a specific service, but rather a collection of means to deliver care, monitoring and education.  

Telehealth is most often used to deliver the following range of health care services and information:  

  • Dentistry 
  • Counseling 
  • Physical and occupational therapy 
  • Home health 
  • Chronic disease monitoring and management 
  • Disaster management 
  • Consumer and professional education 
Telehealth & Home Safety Services for Consideration    

ü  Personal Emergency Response System
This portable emergency call system can be set up through a landline or cellular phone line. This system sends an alert out in an emergency to notify the designated first responder.

ü  Medication Monitoring
The medication monitoring unit organizes and dispenses medications according to the physician-prescribed schedule.

ü  Fall Detection Button Fall                    
Fall detection is an additional safeguard for
situations when an individual falls and is
unable to push the help button.  

ü  Mobile Care / GPS Tracking                                 
This discrete, wearable device makes GPS
tracking & location, available alongside two
way automated and hands-free 
communication, from virtually anywhere via
cellular networks.    

Home Safety Equipment for Consideration

·         Riser for the toilet seat
·         Grab bars for the bathroom
·         Hand-held shower head
·         Bath bench
·         Bedroom products (hospital beds, over-bed tables, pads)
·         Medicine droppers and spoons
·         Button loopers and zipper pulls for easier dressing
·         Single-lever faucets for kitchen and bath
·         Touch-tone telephones, calculators and clocks with large numbers
·         Kitchen tools to make opening cans, peeling, cutting and dicing food easier
·         Reachers to eliminate bending and help offset a weak grasp or limited mobility