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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Senior Agenda Raises $2140 for Parkinson's in 2014

Registration with Izetta (Lisa's mom) and our dear friend Lisa Mattevi. 

Live jazz by Dwight Lenox and the Lenox Avenue Express.

The Author's Pavilion. 

The Freedom Home Health Family.  Freedom is the primary sponsor of Senior Agenda. 

The stunning Ms Tiffany Ori of Parkside Village in Westerville which hosted the event. 

Radio personality & host of Senior Agenda - Lisa Stockdale & brother - pictured here.

We had a full house and a great time at the 2014 Senior Agenda Parkinson's Benefit for the National Parkinson's Foundation Central & Southeast Ohio! Thanks to everyone who attended, donated and sponsored. Special thanks to Parkside Village for providing such a beautiful venue and being so supportive along the way. More pictures are available on our facebook page at Senior Agenda . Please consider liking us there to follow that aspect of our work.

We have included a snapshot of the wonderful testimonials coming in below:  

YEHAAAA!!! CONGRATULATIONS (1000 likes on our facebook fan page)!  By the way, the Parkinson's event was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!  So glad you didn't pay attention to Friday the 13th, full moon, ect. ect. ect.
Carolyn J. 

WOW!  I came to support the Parkinson's Foundation and fell in love with Lisa and Senior Agenda. That young woman is dead serious about protecting us seniors.  She is a wonderful spokesperson and it is obvious she speaks from the heart.  The celebration was just beautiful.  

James R. 

What a great evening!  It was well worth the ticket and the raffle ticket!  I made new friends and spent quality time with those I knew already, plus supported an excellent cause.  I also appreciated your not hiding your Christianity and Judea-Christian values - both in the program and when you spoke.  Keep on standing up!  

Marian P.  

Just a note to say Thank You for the invite to the celebration last evening.  What fun!  I met many new friends and shared a lot with possible new friends.  You put on a WONDERFUL spread...May He continue to Bless you as you continue to walk in obedience with Him.

Inez J. 

Lisa really knows how to put on a party.  Not only did we enjoy music, food and drinks, it was good to see that Senior Agenda was able to give over $2000 to the Parkinson's Foundation.  

Sarah R.