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Friday, April 4, 2014

Public Affirmations from Senior Agenda - Our Identity Exposed

ADVOCACY - The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea or policy, active support. - ADVOCACY

Our platform is growing and we believe the time has come to make some public affirmations about our vision, purpose, mission and identity. We are senior advocates.  We actively support seniors.  We work to stir up discussion and make way for dialogue.  We are dreamers with our ears to the grindstone, our eyes on the prize and our feet on the ground.  We toil to stay abreast of ALL the issues that matter to seniors including the personal and the political.  We refuse to be bullied. We are working hard not to be bamboozled. We are unapologetically Christian.  We support Judeo-Christian values. We are bipartisan.  We support those who vote for seniors and we denounce those who do not.  We are volunteers.  We are community builders.  We believe in family and friendship.  We are patriots.  We are students of life and so we study, research, examine and then re-examine the issues and topics we present. We are committed to seniors and the elderly.  

Please continue to listen to the radio program, email us, join the blog and like us on facebook.  These small things make it possible for us to reach larger audiences but more importantly they make it possible for us to stay encouraged.  We celebrate each new supporter and are indebted to those who stand with us already.  There is work to be done!

Here are just some of the initiatives we support:  
  •  To participate in community building and to get seniors involved at the local, state and national levels.
  • To educate and raise awareness.  
  • To honor and protect the elderly. 
  • To celebrate aging instead of practicing ageism.
  • To stop elder abuse, exploitation and neglect.  
  • To support those who provide better healthcare and housing options for seniors.
  • To demand cures and more research for dementia & Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.    
  • To stop scams against seniors and to support efforts to catch and punish those who prey on seniors. 
  • To understand the aging process. 
  • To refuse to allow seniors to be homeless. 
  • To fight hunger and poverty.  
  • To be a source of encouragement.  
  • To listen to seniors and provide a platform for their stories to be told and heard.    
  • To stop Medicare and Medicaid fraud. 
  • To protect pensions, retirements funds and Social Security.   
  • To protect Medicare & Medicaid.  
  • To ensure that seniors get the same aggressive healthcare treatment as their younger counter-parts.   
  • To focus on wellness including mind, body, and spirit.  
  • To feature local organizations and agencies working with seniors.  
  • To endorse local organizations and agencies that are providing excellent services or care.