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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Slow Down, Listen & Learn: Private Moments of Loss and Grief Shared by Today's Guest

Our guest on this morning's program was Izetta Torina, an accomplished  female Christian pastor of more than forty years.  Pastor Torina is an inspiration to members of her family, fellowship and community.  She shared pieces of her personal journey including the devastating loss of her beloved husband, Ronald J Torina,  in 2009 and the months of grief and survival that have followed.  She opened up and offered even the most painful moments of that experience along side the assertion that hope and faith are sufficient to bring us through the darkest hours and longest nights.  She is a brave woman full of love and wisdom.  She spoke from her heart and real life experiences.  It is one thing to prescribe perseverance, but it is quite another to persevere.

It is just these kinds of stories that make advocating for seniors an absolute delight.  The program will be available on podcast  in the next couple of days and I urge anyone who is struggling with grief or hardship to give this Slow Down, Listen and Learn segment a listen.